After last week’s celebratory Positive Vibes post, normality has been resumed and I’ve gone a bit quieter this week with a shorter post. It’s all good though…positivity reigns supreme!

I trust you will identify with the messages of positivity in my post. It is my hope that it will facilitate your own reflections on how you too can make a positive difference to others right where you are. 

Music Corner🎼🎸🎷
I’m the world’s biggest Luther Vandross fan – my favourite artiste of all time. That’s how seriously I take ‘my Luther’😉.  As a Valentine’s Day special treat, I’ve dug deep into my collection and will share him with you just this once 😂


There’s nothing better than love, Luther Vandross feat. Gregory Hines. Listen here:

Tweet of the week  

This tweet is also a timely reminder to us all to monitor our negative self-talk. Keep it positive because you are listening. 

Reflections 🤔

How do we safeguard the vulnerable in our society? For me, as a healthcare practitioner, it’s being a patient advocate. The patient’s best interest must always be at the centre of care planning and implementation discussions. 

As a passionate nurse leader, I value the privilege of influencing the quality of patient care and promoting a culture of caring in my employing organisation. We must all have a zero tolerance of unprofessional behaviour, incivility and apathy towards others’ feelings.  

Treating each other with basic human kindness and compassion should, and in my opinion, must come as standard. “The standard you walk past is the standard you accept”. The Australian Army General David Morrison, says this much better than I ever could, so here goes👇     

Listen to the General’s message here: #RespectToTheGeneral👍

I believe strongly that the importance of having moral courage cannot be overstated. Moral courage is key in making the world a fairer and more compassionate place for the next generation. If you stand for nothing, you’ll fall for anything. Have the strength of conviction to speak up, even if your voice shakes. 

Stand firm and keep it positive!

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Others are courtesy of Google (my best friend!) 

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