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As mentioned a few weeks ago in the post below which was published as part of my Blogging 101 course, I’ll be creating a monthly feature called PhD Buzz as a way to demystify the journey for others with similar aspirations. The gist is, ‘if I can do it, then why can’t you?’

Read original post again: ” Day Fifteen of Blogging University: Create New Posting Features  –”

The first edition of PhD Buzz will be published at the end of February following my registration panel in just over a week’s time. As you know by now, I have to be honest and so must say that while I’m excited that I will have achieved a major milestone on my PhD journey, I am a tiny bit nervous that one of the panelists will ask me a ‘killer question’ that I have not prepared for. Being a very positive person, I try my best to think positively, prepare well and therefore I plan to walk in with my head high. Surely, the reason I am a student is that I have a lot to learn. It must count for something that I am highly committed, disciplined and determined to succeed, mustn’t it? πŸ€”

Tomorrow, I’ll attend for a ‘mock registration’ panel to prepare and get tips and advice. I have completed my presentation slides, read a chapter or two on research methodologies, paradigms, designs and refreshed my arguments for the selected ones. What could possibly go wrong?😁

This list made me smile today. I’m sure many will relate to it. Not all apply to me, I’ll leave you to work it out. It’s still funny though!πŸ˜‚


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Until next time, aim high and let nothing stop you from reaching your goals. Let’s do it together!

By Nichole McIntosh FRSA

I am a Jamaican-born British nurse, poet, blogger:, vlogger, podcaster, motivational speaker, Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and Editorial Advisor of the Royal College of Nursing Institute’s Nursing Management Journal.

I am also the Founder and Director of Maroon Mindset Unlimited Ltd, a consultancy company that works with the NHS and other systems to learn, think and behave differently.

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