Just a brief post at the end of this half-term week to say that we should remember that life is not always going to go the way we plan or hope it will. However, we must keep positive in spite of, and more importantly during, those challenging moments. The real test of our character is how we behave when the going gets tough. 

This reminds of the ‘small axe and big tree’ analogy that Bob Marley sang about. Yes, we need to have the ‘small axe mentality’. That’s the one that cut down the big tree. 👇 

Music Corner🎼🎸🎷 & Tweet of the week   

Listen here: Small axe – Bob Marley http://youtu.be/qgWUnuB6quc

Nothing good comes easily. Anything good is worth fighting for. These inspiring words keep me going when I feel like giving up. 

Be inspired! Be inspiring! Be positively you! 

Featured image: http://www.teachersupplysource.com/product/91459/attention-only-positive-attitudes-poster/

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