The week that was has been a week to remember😊. Things are progressing nicely on the PhD front and I work with some of the best teams that I’ve had the privilege to meet providing care for patients and their families.

Yes, you guessed it, I’m feeling positive, optimistic and motivated for the future. Working diligently comes naturally for me so I’ll carry on pursuing my goals and striving to be a better person than I was yesterday. The value of self-motivation as a quality and a mindset cannot be overestimated. There’s a fine balance that needs to be struck to avoid feelings of frustration with the nay-sayers and the ‘glass is half-empty’ brigade. I remember being advised by a former manager that my feelings of despair and frustration were due to being a ‘high achiever’. No one had ever described me as a high achiever before that. I thought, “me, a high achiever?” Then I thought, “yes, I am a high achiever”.  I’m now really proud of this. I set high standards for myself and believe me, I’m prepared to work hard to achieve it. 

I’ve never been ruthless, so I often refuse to compete with others and will purposely set my path in the opposite direction of travel. There’s room for all of us to succeed. Competition is the thief of joy, so I rather be a passionate loner making a difference in the world rather than tagging along for the ride with the in-crowd. Everyone is different and is influenced by culture, beliefs and attitudes. In the end, you have to do what’s right for you, don’t you? 

Tweets of the week  
It was too close to call so I leave it to you to decide…🤔

Music corner🎼🎸🎷 

Don’t worry, be happy! Bobby McFerrin. Listen here:


Don’t worry, be happy! Mind over matter. Maintain a healthy mind and the possibilities are limitless.


Thank you to everyone who has interacted with me here on my blog and also on my social media. Your interaction and support have been overwhelming and your kindness and compassion have renewed my faith in humanity. Have a restful, relaxing and reflective weekend and we’ll meet same place next week. Much love!❤️

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