I’m often challenged to use the platform I have to give back, to mentor and to give hope to others who look up to me. I passionately accept the challenge and continue to do all I can to live up to the high standards that I’ve set for myself. 

I’m a fighter. I’m relentless. I’m caring and kind. Yes, I’m complex. I can flip from ‘rottweiler mode’ to ‘kitten mode’ effortlessly. Throughout it all, my authentic self shines through and as one of my Twitter friends said today, “I’m a born leader”. Always striving to #KeepItReal

My ‘realness’ continues to serve as a magnet to those who seek advice, support or just a listening ear or shoulder to cry on. I’m here to give to the people who’ve been told they are the underdogs. You know the ones who have been led to believe that they can’t or won’t succeed? Yes, these are the people who appreciate having someone who looks, acts and feels like them leading the way. 

Social media, used wisely, is a blessing not a curse. I use my presence on social to inspire, motive, showcase and challenge. It is good to agitate and disturb the status quo and shatter stereotypes and myths along the way. Result!!!

I’ll continue to give hope where I can.

I’ll continue to speak out for others who are not able to speak out…yet. 

I’ll continue to lift as I rise!!!

Check out my phot gallery of the past week:

Meeting the Jamaica Health Minister and Jamaica High Commissioner to the UK.

All in a week when I celebrated my birthday and did ethics forms for my PhD research. #MaroonMindset in full effect. 

How will you lift as you rise? Share ideas…

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