How blogging gave me back my mojo! #100blogposts🎉 #2years

This is one of the shortest blogposts I will ever write. I guess it’s true that quality trumps quantity. That’s kinda ironic when I highlight that this post is in honour of my 100th blogpost! Yes, I’m celebrating 100 posts on my Human Touch ❤✍🏽 Blog.

For anyone who joined my blog recently, here’s a quick recap. I started blogging two years ago at a time in my life when I needed to write because my confidence was so low that I couldn’t express myself verbally. I found my voice by blogging.

I am grateful that I found my voice and my confidence and still enjoy sharing my thoughts by blogging and via other media. I am also grateful that at least one reader reads my reflections and, in turn, finds their voice too.

Every time a reader reaches out to me to share how my reflections have helped them, my voice gets stronger. For this and more, again I say thank you!

#Milestones #100BlogPosts #2YearsAndCounting #HonestReflections #InspiringOthers #TheHumanTouch✍🏽❤

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