Happy New Year!

May 2020 be everything you want it to be. A new year provides a clean slate, a blank canvas, a second chance to be who we need to be. Throw in the fact that it’s also a new decade and the opportunities are ten fold! It’s the perfect time to invent, reinvent and reinvent ourselves again. Old chains are broken and new beliefs, attitudes and mindsets are formed.

I’m using 2020, I refer to it as the year of clarity to take risks, optimise opportunities and step outside of the box to be the best version of me. I know my strengths and my weaknesses so I’m optimising my strengths knowing that the journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. Living in faith is liberating. I’ve tried the living in worry and it didn’t work so this living in faith is definitely worth a shot. I’m feeling positive and optimistic about the future.

12 months ago, I had an idea to start a mentoring service. I had even created a WordPress site that still has not been launched. Fast forward to the last day of 2019 and I came across the draft site and thought, why? Why didn’t I take it forward? Why should I launch a mentoring service?

I couldn’t think of a reason not to go with it. Believe me, I tried to find an excuse. So, guess what, I launched Maroon Mindset on the Wix app. It’s an online mentoring service that is starting small and will grow and evolve over time. I’ll link in with the Royal Society of Arts and see if they have other fellows who have expertise to help me with it. Baby steps for now. Still, the start of anything is a win because you cannot finish anything unless you start it.

I invite you to visit the site and share with your family and friends. Word of mouth is a powerful endorsement.

This is the year of clarity – 2020 vision

Click to check it out: Maroon Mindset Mentoring ❤️💛💚

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