I’ve mined more gems💎

As I mentioned previously, I’ll be adding more gems as and when I mine them. Hope you find them interesting if not helpful.

  • Clarify what is expected

It is better to seek clarification to get a clear understanding of the task that is required than making assumptions. You know what assumptions can do…Don’t feel embarrassed to ask. It is far more productive to get it right first time. It will also give a boost to your confidence and your reputation.

Clarifying could also have the benefit of making the person requesting a task to be done to realise how inappropriate or unrealistic the request is or that it would not be feasible.

  • Seek first to understand, then be understood

Always try to understand what is going on before you try to get others to understand your point of view. Never go in all guns blazing without even the basic facts. It’s a recipe for disaster. You’ll inevitably end up with ‘egg on your face’ or ‘eating humble pie’.

  • Be measured in your behaviour

Be measured in your responses to others. Don’t fight fire with fire. Instead you should ‘box clever’. I often say, I will never go down to the others’ levels. They need to come up to mine. I have no interest in ‘pond life’ behaviour. Keep it positive – body language, facial expressions, words and overall demeanour. Be measured!

Until next time, I’m off to mine even more gems…😉