Lifting as I rise!

I'm often challenged to use the platform I have to give back, to mentor and to give hope to others who look up to me. I passionately accept the challenge and continue to do all I can to live up to the high standards that I've set for myself.  I'm a fighter. I'm relentless. I'm … Continue reading Lifting as I rise!

My 2017 – first 2 weeks!

Two weeks into 2017 and it is already promising to be a good year. A year of greater self-awareness, self-belief, fun and inspiring others on their journeys. I've started as I mean to go on. Balancing life as a working mother and part-time PhD student among my many other roles is a real challenge. It's … Continue reading My 2017 – first 2 weeks!

Giving praises in the hallway…🙏🏾

As we approach the end of another year and look forward to the promises of 2017, there is a great sense of expectation. What will the future hold for us? Will I achieve my goals?  While we wait, let's have hearts of gratitude. Giving thanks for our blessings creates happier hearts and helps us to … Continue reading Giving praises in the hallway…🙏🏾

It’s less about how you start & more about how you finish. So finish like a boss! – My year in review.  

Updated & Reblogged Post!!! Still reflecting and looking forward to 2017. This review of my 2016 is to capture the essence of a year that, in my opinion, has defied the odds! My 2016 has been a roller coaster of a ride of fantastic highs and painful lows. Those of you who've stuck it out … Continue reading It’s less about how you start & more about how you finish. So finish like a boss! – My year in review.  

Leadership thoughts

This post has been inspired by my completion of the second week in my new role as Head of Nursing for Specialist Medicine and Support Services and finding myself in a reflective mood.  I have decided to share a few thoughts on leadership as I reflect on my journey to this point in my personal … Continue reading Leadership thoughts

Speaking and listening: so much more than words

One of my aims in life is is to be heard for what I passionately believe in which is that everyone adds value and brings something useful to the table. In achieving this aim, there are challenges to overcome. In the society and indeed the global village that we live in, what happens in one … Continue reading Speaking and listening: so much more than words

Staying the course: positively inspirational

"How do you maintain your composure when you feel like you're losing control?  How do you stay on track when it seems that nothing is going to plan?  How do you rise above your circumstances when you feel that there is no hope?" These are just a few of the questions that have entered my … Continue reading Staying the course: positively inspirational

Thank you! 

This post is to mark the moment for myself and my readers. Thanks for being a part of my journey and for inspiring me to continue to inspire others especially on the days when it gets difficult. Hope you enjoy reading these two feature articles about my journey so far. They are intended to share … Continue reading Thank you! 

Great Expectations! 

A month into my new role as Head of Nursing of Specialist Medicine and Support Services, I'm excited! I'm excited because I have been given this amazing opportunity to inspire and lead a team of nurses in delivering first class care and first class patient experience. I'm excited because there are many challenges that will … Continue reading Great Expectations! 

Let’s build bridges, not walls…#BlackHistoryMonth2016

As we begin another year of shining the spotlight on the history of my people, I am moved to jot a few lines down. It's another year when various organisations and individuals participate in a myriad of activities to commemorate, celebrate and often to discover the history of the black race. I hate the word … Continue reading Let’s build bridges, not walls…#BlackHistoryMonth2016