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The Human Touch!❤️✍🏾 blog was created in 2015 out of my desire for a ‘safe space’ to share my journey with readers. My hope is that you too will feel uplifted, motivated and inspired to follow your dreams and achieve your goals in this fast-paced world. Self-belief, discipline and dedication are key to success.

Sometimes, we need to chill for a while, relax and get some headspace. Always honest and keeping it real! Caring, learning and inspiring! Let’s do it together!


Nichole McIntosh FRSA, MSc, MSc (merit), BSc (Hons), RGN, Dip HE (Nursing), BTEC Dip Travel and Tourism, Dip Business Administration (Marketing).

I’m a senior nurse, blogger, podcaster & motivational speaker with extensive experience in a range of NHS settings including commissioning & quality assurance.

An alumni of The Florence Nightingale Foundation, I was awarded two Research Scholarships. I have presented at local and national conferences in previous roles. In April 2015, I was featured in a careers article in the Nursing Standard Journal in recognition of my passion for nursing research. I was one of the Florence Nightingale Foundation Scholars selected to lead the procession of the lamp ceremony at Westminster Abbey in May 2016.

Working passionately to ensure that all patients receive high quality care by empowered staff who provide culturally competent care and compassion.

Awarded Florence Nightingale Foundation Research Scholarships in 2011 and 2012.

Leader of the Procession and Lamp bearer at Florence Nightingale Commemorative Service at Westminster Abbey in May 2016.

As a member of the RCNi’ Nursing Management Journal Editorial Advisory Board and peer review of a number of journals, I use every opportunity to raise the profile of the image of nursing and ensure that the ‘nursing voice’ is heard.

My mission is to lift as I rise so I share my experiences in honest insightful reflections on my highly successful blog, The Human Touch blog which is accessible on my website: nicholemcintosh.com

In November 2019, I launched a podcast “Maroon Mindset” https://soundcloud.com/nichole-mcintosh/inspiration-for-the-mind-and in which I share inspirational and thought provoking reflections on a wide ranging pool of topics. The podcast is in homage to my maroon ancestors who were rebellious, unruly and challenged the status quo of slavery. I pray that I am making them proud.

Awarded a Fellowship of the Royal Society of Arts in November 2019.

I was born in Jamaica and am a passionate reggae music connoisseur. Married with two children, I have resided in London England for over 23 years.


I welcome contacts for motivational speaking events and interviews. You can send me an email at: Nichole.mcintosh@icloud.com

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