3 Day Quote Challenge – Day 2

“I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear”. This is a powerful quote from Rev Dr Martin Luther King Jr, and is my choice for day 2 of the 3 Day Quote Challenge that I was nominated for. There are many areas of our lives in which we should apply this ‘love over hate’ principle. 

Choosing love over hate requires a certain level of emotional intelligence in that you have to arrive at the realisation that the hate is only destroying you. The person you ‘hate’ may be happily sleeping at night, blissfully unaware that you are obsessing and ‘hating’ them for something that they did or did not do. Does it really matter? Really? 

Choosing love over hate will lead to a happier, more content, peaceful and emotionally stable existence. You will be laying the building block to develop maturity, harmony, unity, respect for diversity, celebration of differences and tolerance.  Let’s agree to disagree, if we must. Compromise is key! Pick your battles! Learn to walk away!

The world would be a much happier and safer place if we all chose love over hate. Let me be the change I wish to see in the world. Let it start with me. Will you join me?

Join me tomorrow for the 3rd and final quote of the 3 Day Quote Challenge. 



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