A bump to my head has made me think about what will happen when I am dead.

I know that I am treasured, still I can’t help but think about how I would be remembered. 

Life is for the living, so the living must live for life. 

Live and let the ones you love know how much they are loved while you have the chance. 

The best things in life really are free. I’ll look out for you while you look out for me. 

Let this thought guide you, if today were your last, would you do what you’re about to do?

Life is too precious to be anything but gracious.

What would you do if today were your last?

Live graciously with a heart of gratitude!🙏

PS. I don’t usually blog on a Monday, however life is too short to have these silly rules!

Featured image: https://www.pinterest.com/caitlynloves/2014/

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