Let’s be great…together! ❤

This quote by Dr Martin Luther King resonates with me for a number of reasons. It's the thought that "everybody can be great..." that is such a powerful and enlightening awakening. It goes, to some extent, against what some of us were led to believe were the prerequisites of attaining greatness. This is because it … Continue reading Let’s be great…together! ❤


Be courageous!

I never understood the importance of being courageous until a few years ago. I was going through a 'rough patch' and had to find the strength and motivation to carry on in the face of adversity. Looking back, I recognise that it was my courage that kept me going. While I've never been much of … Continue reading Be courageous!

The Italian connection #🇮🇹😎

It doesn't take long to understand why Rome is one of the top tourist destinations in the world! There's so much to see and do that it could feel overwhelming. Not for us, I hasten to add. We're well travelled and always do our best to take it in our stride - one trek at … Continue reading The Italian connection #🇮🇹😎

I’ll make a good nurse one day…#today😊

This is the next in the summer blog series of Reflections of a Trailblazer. Check out my blog The Human Touch ❤✍🏽 for the previous posts so you don't miss out on my journey. I've previously discussed my PhD journey and my career inspirations. This post will include the importance of using unpleasant life experiences … Continue reading I’ll make a good nurse one day…#today😊

Life of uncertainty…the leadership challenge! (Diary of an unexpected nurse leader)

This post is the second in a summer 'Reflections of a Trailblazer' blogpost series that will capture my thoughts on transformational leadership, nursing research, pursuing work-study-life balance, seizing opportunities and making a difference in the world.  The first post in this serious can be read here: http://wp.me/p5zWO2-tN As I reflect on my nursing career as … Continue reading Life of uncertainty…the leadership challenge! (Diary of an unexpected nurse leader)

Compassion and courage: the leadership challenge!

In a world in which it can feel that everyone is watching out for number 1, it is humbling to see humanity in action. Witnessing compassion, selflessness and other altruistic behaviour in my daily life brings joy to my heart and renews my faith in humanity.  Someone once told me that it takes courage to … Continue reading Compassion and courage: the leadership challenge!

Jamaica Road Trip! The return leg! #TravelBlogger #StunningViews🇯🇲😎👍🏽❤

Representing Team Jamaica 🇯🇲. Sharing the return leg of my road trip.  #Stunning #Epic #Beautiful #PreciousMemories 🇯🇲😎🍧❤  When will you visit Jamaica to see these views for yourself?!  We would really love to see you and show you around ❤💛💚 Please like, comment and share! 🇯🇲

Downtime! The Joys of Half Term 

Oh! The joys of having time off from the '9 -5'. You know what I mean. No rush hour. No school run. Just the precious time spent with family that's simply priceless.  I'm half way through my week with my kids and I'm enjoying every moment. They've told me that they're having a blast too. … Continue reading Downtime! The Joys of Half Term 

Lifting as I rise!

I'm often challenged to use the platform I have to give back, to mentor and to give hope to others who look up to me. I passionately accept the challenge and continue to do all I can to live up to the high standards that I've set for myself.  I'm a fighter. I'm relentless. I'm … Continue reading Lifting as I rise!

My 2017 – first 2 weeks!

Two weeks into 2017 and it is already promising to be a good year. A year of greater self-awareness, self-belief, fun and inspiring others on their journeys. I've started as I mean to go on. Balancing life as a working mother and part-time PhD student among my many other roles is a real challenge. It's … Continue reading My 2017 – first 2 weeks!