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Be you! 

img_0784As one of my favourite singers, Beres Hammond beautifully sang, “I may not be rich but I sure got style…🎶”

That’s more than enough for me, thank you very much!😉 I am more blessed than I ever thought possible. I live in a world where dreams are possible. Hard work, dedication and resilience combined with passion are unbeatable. I have proven this time and time again. I used to be told that I was lucky by people who couldn’t understand how or why I did what I did. I smile because I have not been called lucky for a long time.

2015 has taught me that the only person who can stop me is me. I can now say with conviction that “I know I can be what I want to be” – Nas quote.

Never ever pretend to be someone else. Those that care don’t matter and those that matter don’t care! Always, always be you!
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By Nichole McIntosh FRSA

I am a Jamaican-born British nurse, blogger:, podcaster, motivational speaker, Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and Editorial Advisor of the Royal College of Nursing Institute’s Nursing Management Journal. Founder and Director of Maroon Mindset Unlimited Ltd.

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