Jamaica Road Trip! The return leg! #TravelBlogger #StunningViews🇯🇲😎👍🏽❤

Representing Team Jamaica 🇯🇲. Sharing the return leg of my road trip.  #Stunning #Epic #Beautiful #PreciousMemories 🇯🇲😎🍧❤  When will you visit Jamaica to see these views for yourself?!  We would really love to see you and show you around ❤💛💚 Please like, comment and share! 🇯🇲

Jamaica Road Trip! Via the South Coast! 😎🇯🇲😍👍🏽🍧🍗🍱

I'm in travel blogger heaven. 4 hours + of sheer Jamaican natural beauty! I had to stop myself from taking thousands of pics!  Here are the best of the best to showcase the views! #Epic #Amazing #BloomingMarvellous😎🇯🇲😍❤💛💚

Touring your country! When Jamaicans abroad return to yaad! ❤💛💚🇯🇲😎🍧

Just under a week to go on our Jamaica 🇯🇲 voyage. We're having a great time as these pics show! The last 48 hours have been simultaneously hectic yet relaxing. The 28 degrees celcius heat is not for the faint hearted either.  The main event was my dad's 70th birthday party last night. It was … Continue reading Touring your country! When Jamaicans abroad return to yaad! ❤💛💚🇯🇲😎🍧

Downtime! The Joys of Half Term 

Oh! The joys of having time off from the '9 -5'. You know what I mean. No rush hour. No school run. Just the precious time spent with family that's simply priceless.  I'm half way through my week with my kids and I'm enjoying every moment. They've told me that they're having a blast too. … Continue reading Downtime! The Joys of Half Term 

Lifting as I rise!

I'm often challenged to use the platform I have to give back, to mentor and to give hope to others who look up to me. I passionately accept the challenge and continue to do all I can to live up to the high standards that I've set for myself.  I'm a fighter. I'm relentless. I'm … Continue reading Lifting as I rise!

Be you! 

As one of my favourite singers, Beres Hammond beautifully sang, "I may not be rich but I sure got style...🎶" http://youtu.be/h5pM2XSEndw That's more than enough for me, thank you very much!😉 I am more blessed than I ever thought possible. I live in a world where dreams are possible. Hard work, dedication and resilience combined … Continue reading Be you! 

Thank you!

To all the friends I have 'met' online in 2015, I say thank you. For every kind word of encouragement that has been sent, I say it is much appreciated. For every tweet, retweet, mention, like (favourite) and all the banter and laughter, I say keep them coming! 2015 was the beginning of our beautiful … Continue reading Thank you!

Season’s Reflections – 2015 🎉🎄

  Photo credits: Above quote: http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/quotes/e/elizabethb121464.html Featured image: http://www.theabp.org.uk/news/looking-back-and-looking-forward-directions-for-2015.aspx. Well we've almost come to the end of another year again. Where did 2015 go? I remember welcoming in 2015 with quiet optimism that it would be a better year than 2014. As I sit here and reflect on the past year, I feel so blessed … Continue reading Season’s Reflections – 2015 🎉🎄

Headspace – the value of thinking time in a fast-paced world.

Photo credit: https://headspaceefford.wordpress.com/ I'm often repeating my view that in this world of technological immediacy of the internet, emails, texts, direct messaging and other social media in our personal and professional lives where everything is urgent, the reality is that  nothing becomes urgent. Where do you start? Which is more important? Do you wait to … Continue reading Headspace – the value of thinking time in a fast-paced world.