Oh! The joys of having time off from the ‘9 -5’. You know what I mean. No rush hour. No school run. Just the precious time spent with family that’s simply priceless. 

I’m half way through my week with my kids and I’m enjoying every moment. They’ve told me that they’re having a blast too. That’s always music to my ears and a pleasure for any parent to hear. 

My hubby is enjoying having a less- stressful daily routine too! Next time, he’ll have to join us on our adventures. The silver lining is that he still gets to enjoy the evenings and weekends with us, so it’s not that bad, is it?

I call them my pride and joy and they never disappoint. We’re truly blessed and we know it. We’re grateful to spend these awesome and most cherished times together. These are truly the stuff that great memories are made of. 

We went to the movies yesterday and, while it may sound a bit corny to some, we laughed all the way through it. We were still laughing today when we recollected some of the witty one-liners. I don’t wish to give away the plot of the movie, however I can reveal that we watched The Lego Batman movie!!!👍🏻Hilariously, laugh out loud funny. 😂

We have two more days before the weekend and we’ll enjoy them thoroughly. We’re at the planning stages depending on the unpredictable London weather. It’s true that life is what you make it. So we make it good. The best things in life are free. Enjoy them. That’s your right. 😊

Until next time when I’ll fill you in on the rest of our half time fun. 

Signing out. #HappyMommy #HappyKids #HappyFamily #HalfTermFun✌ #TheHumanTouch❤️✍🏾

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