The Italian connection #🇮🇹😎

It doesn't take long to understand why Rome is one of the top tourist destinations in the world! There's so much to see and do that it could feel overwhelming. Not for us, I hasten to add. We're well travelled and always do our best to take it in our stride - one trek at … Continue reading The Italian connection #🇮🇹😎


I’ll make a good nurse one day…#today😊

This is the next in the summer blog series of Reflections of a Trailblazer. Check out my blog The Human Touch ❤✍🏽 for the previous posts so you don't miss out on my journey. I've previously discussed my PhD journey and my career inspirations. This post will include the importance of using unpleasant life experiences … Continue reading I’ll make a good nurse one day…#today😊

Reflections of a Trailblazer …part 1: my research journey.

This post is the first in a summer 'Reflections of a Trailblazer' blogpost series that will capture my thoughts on transformational leadership, nursing research, pursuing work-study-life balance, seizing opportunities and making a difference in the world.  The series begins with a focus on my journey as a mature research student. Future posts will capture my … Continue reading Reflections of a Trailblazer …part 1: my research journey.

PhD Buzz🐝🤔💡

This is a quick F1 style pit stop to say I'm still on the PhD journey. I'm reading, writing, networking and learning something new at every step of the way.  I am learning that I have strengths that I never even knew I had in such abundance. Resilience, dedication, tenacity and passion to name a … Continue reading PhD Buzz🐝🤔💡

The Journey Continues…

Thank you to all who provided feedback on my first post in my blog in April. It has been a whirlwind of a month with lots of activity and critical choices to make. I continue on my journey as a health practitioner and researcher - my passion remains. I have taken a bold decision to … Continue reading The Journey Continues…